Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day 4 - We’re in Walchandnagar!

Today we caught an 8 AM train from Mumbai to Pune.  The way there was exciting because we decided to use taxis and the only room for luggage was on top of the cars.  There were four of us in my cab and we watched nervously as the driver piled on Kirtana’s suitcase, and then her other suitcase, and then my backpack, and then Megan’s bag, and then Allison’s backpack.  It definitely didn’t look like it was going to all stay on top of the cab, especially in Mumbai traffic.  But the driver secured it with a little piece of string, and magically all our luggage made it to the train station.

The train!

Views from the train

We were in a sleeper car for the train ride and we all crammed onto the bottom bunks so we could see the pretty mountains out the window.  Once we arrived in Pune we were picked up by cars from Walchandnagar and made the three hour drive here!  We managed to not hit any of the goats in the road on the way.

Our lovely house in Walchandnagar

The summer camp at Bharat Children’s Academy starts tomorrow and we’re excited!!!  But we did have a lot of preparations to do this afternoon to be ready for our outreach activities tomorrow.  We met with Principle Kshirsagar of Bharat Children’s Academy to discuss our plans for the summer camp.  The managing director of Walchandnagar Industries also stopped by with his wife and chatted with us.  We sat outside so I got bitten by 298379567 mosquitos.  Good thing Ariana’s mom made her pack a bug tent!  I’m bringing that next time I go outside.

Camp preparations

Speaking of mothers, all of the SWE Overseas members would like to wish their moms a Happy Mother’s Day.  We’re thinking of you here in India!

For our moms: 


  1. That looks like a lot of fun!
    Shout out to Megan Darby <3

  2. I hope you managed to stay away from the handy snacks served on the train and at teh many stations on the way!