Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 5- First Day of the Summer Camp!

We had a wonderful first day at the Bharat Children's Academy and Junior College, Walchandnagar for the summer camp.

Before heading to the school, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast that prepared us for the day.  With plenty of water in hand to stay hydrated, we made our way to the school to start the camp at 9 a.m.  When we arrived at the school, the teachers and students were near the entrance of the school to greet us and we each received rose, which was a pleasant surprise.  Then entire day, I was constantly impressed by how kind  and excited all of students and teachers were.

After introductions and getting settled, the science activity portion of the day started.  The first activity that the students completed was making a tetrahedral kite.  The students seemed to really enjoy designing, building, and testing their kites.  Some of the teams were able to successfully fly their kites, which was awesome.  There were other teams that even added fun designs to the tissue paper on their kites to make sure that everyone on the team had a role.  My personal favorite was when a group was having issues flying a kite, so in order to fix this one of the boys suggested attaching the kite to a rocket.  Although this may have been a little unrealistic, I appreciated his creativity!

The second half of the morning consisted of a paddle boat activity.  The designs that each group came up with were really innovative and they were able to test their boats in a small pool.  By the second activity, the teams were working extremely well together.  Near the end of the activity, the students were so engaged in the activity that they did not want to stop.  I was so happy they were enjoying the boat activity so much.

We had a short break in between the science activity and the social science activity, so the students had some time to eat lunch.  A few SWE members went around to talk with the students during lunch and it was great to chat for a little bit.  They even offered to let us try some of the food they brought which was extremely nice of them.

We introduced our social science activity today.  Over the next two days, the students will be participating in a Model United Nations activity that this focused on World War II.  It will be interesting to see how the students like it.  Make sure to check back tomorrow to see how it goes!

After we finished up the social science activity we had lunch back were at the guest house and then had a meeting with the teachers where they talked about the history and activities of the school with time for open discussion about different teaching styles and other topics.

With a long day, we had a short break to relax and unwind before putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's activities.  I think we are all excited to see what the next few days will bring for our group and the students that we are working with


  1. Sounds wonderful!! What an adventure!

  2. Creative kids! They must have been getting their A game ready in anticipation of the UM crowd.