Saturday, 17 May 2014


Hello blog readers!

Today was a travel day, with a six hour drive from Walchandnagar to Mumbai followed by a very short flight to Jaipur.

Random events of traveling:
Our driver got pulled over for a random security check.
Shobhita and Aditi tried to kill Jackie by keeping her in a hot car.
Aggressive driving is a way of life and road lanes are for the weak.
Car horns have a language.
Our plane was pumped full of some gas. We couldn't tell if it was some sort of air conditioning or just weird gas, but it was freaky. Jackie may have tried to convince us we were going to die and Shobhita wanted us to play dead so they would stop. It turned out to be condensing air, but it made the entire cabin look like it was filled with fog.

All in all, we made it safely to Jaipur. We were picked up by the Enchanting India tour guides and taken to the hotel. The hotel is actually an old palace that the family has turned into a hotel. It may be the most beautiful place I have ever stayed. The rooms are old world luxury with pillars and themes that make us feel like princesses. We ate a candlelit dinner on the roof tonight with an amazing view of the new city. Tomorrow we are taking a tour of the old city (the pink city!) and will see some palaces and visit the bazaars. We also had a surprise from the tour guides. WE GET TO RIDE ELEPHANTS. Apparently the only way to get to the palace is to take elephants up a mountain. The look on our faces was priceless. Natalie may have had a mini heart attack due to pure joy.

Till tomorrow!

Sarah Bonhard


  1. Nice recap, Sarah! Sounds like a day full of adventure!

  2. Sounds like the Walchandnagar visit was another thumping success. Elephant rides are a blast! Don't panic; even though the "saddle" (don't know what else to call it, since that is where you sit, except that "you" is in plural) rock like crazy, you are not likely to fall off.