Sunday, 11 May 2014

It’s been 4 days since we left our homes and there are so many interesting stories to tell! First of we all have made it to India safe and sound and with all of our luggage, and for those of you who know what we packed that was a feat in itself.

Day 1: Megan vs the batteries
As Megan was handing over her luggage to be checked in Detroit airport she happened to mention that she had some very large batteries in her bag.  This caused almost an hour delay as they had to call several workers and managers to check hand books and regulations. The end result was the magnets being split into several bags and Megan sweating.
Monica vs the guy on the plane
While attempting to let Sarah out of her seat to go to the bathroom during the plane ride to Amsterdam Monica managed to full on punch the guy sitting in front of her. This later resulted in him vomiting all over himself and the people sitting next to him.

Day 2: Jackie vs the hole in the ground
Upon arrival in Mumbai, Jackie, Allison, and Ariana went to the bathroom while everyone else waited for their luggage. Allison pointed out to me (Jackie) that the last stall was open and I went to it only to find two steps up to a hole in the ground…. I was not prepared for this. After trying several VERY awkward hovering positions I finally accomplished what I was set out to and exited. Ariana and Allison were waiting for me and I was shocked at how at ease they were with the whole situation. I told them that I was not prepared for that and they looked at me questioningly as they had toilets. I apparently had the lucky stall.
SWE vs the cheerleading competition
While at the airport in Mumbai waiting for the other half of our group, Sarah, Monica, Jelena, Megan, Natalie, Aditi, Kirtana, and Emily were asked if they were here for a cheerleading competition. When they replied no they man continued to wish us good luck at the competition.

Day 3: 
Jackie vs Jelena
While roommates were assigned randomly Jelena was lucky enough to get me (Jackie) as hers at the hostile in Mumbai. Turns out that Jelena is a very heavy sleeper and while I attempted to wake her in the morning by calling her name and then lightly shaking her she still made no response at all. So I decided to pet her face, to which her response was jumping up freaking out and asking me why I didn’t try to shake her first. Then the next day she said she would set her own alarm. But it didn’t go off… so I went straight to petting her face.
While looking for our other SWE members rooms we were walking down the hallway together and Jelena mentioned that she thought one of them were in room 308 so as we approached the room I knocked on it and ducked around the corner leaving Jelena standing in front of the door with a look of panic on her face as she frantically searched for a place to hide, finally deciding to run down the farthest part of the hallway.

SWE vs Bartering
One of the most fun parts of being in Mumbai was the shopping! We got to barter with the locals on prices of items and it was so much fun to compare with each other to see who got the best price. For the record we do NOT like big balloons….
Things I’ve learned in India:
1.       If you take pepto bismol after every meal it will reduce your chance of getting diarrhea (Thank you Ariana)
2.       Do not give candy to strangers (Thank you Shobhita)
3.       Traffic lights are just for decoration
4.       A motorcycle made for one person can easily fit a family of 4 people
5.       You honk your horn if you want to
a.       Pass someone
b.      Are approaching a car
c.       Are stopping
d.      Are going
e.      Are turning

6.       If you don’t like the how the traffic is going in your lane feel free to go into oncoming traffic

Written by Jackie Priestley


  1. Glad you guys are all safe and sound! Been looking for the site to be updated, glad to arrive to it with updates! Just curious, how much beating did Jackie take to get her to sing that song? Not something my daughter would do without being under duress. Happy Mothers Day Jack - Love you! - Mom PS. Love the hole story LOL!

  2. To you thoughtful and classy young women, Thanks for the Mother's Day song,
    Love, Judy Darby

  3. A cheerleading competition...I love it! I hope you guys win! :)

  4. I loved this post... SWE vs The World! Sorry for catching up with it a little late---you must wonder what happened to your supposed advisor.